The study of law serves as a profound exploration into the fundamental pillars of societal harmony and equity. It delves deep into the structures of governance, rights, and duties, laying the groundwork for a functional and just society. It weaves the intricate threads that shape the tapestry of equilibrium and its profound influence encompasses all human spheres, ranging from shaping of fiscal policies and development to safeguarding individual and collective rights.

Established in 1973, the Department of Law has traversed a remarkable journey in this regard, establishing itself as the premier legal education institution in Jammu and Kashmir. Its impact resonates through the contributions of legislators, jurists, administrators, lawyers and counsellors who are actively involved in steering the affairs of the territory. The department remains dynamic by offering an array of professional courses—three-year (LLB) and five year (B.A. LLB) programs, LL.M., and Ph.D. It continuously enhances its curriculum and introduces relevant and cutting-edge subjects aligned with the directives of the Bar Council of India and the Ministry of HRD that ensures adherence to evolving standards.

Quite pertinently, education in India currently stands on the cusp of momentous change marked by national initiatives like the National Education Policy 2020. As one of the largest schools on the campus, the School of Law distinguishes itself by offering a wide array of extracurricular and integrated learning opportunities that are transformative in nature and significantly furthers and aligns with the dynamic demands of the National Education Policy. We employ an integrated approach featuring hands-on practical training in legal clinics and moot courts, thereby actively advancing the objectives outlined in the National Education Policy. Additionally, by collaborating with legal practitioners, we also address the crucial link between academic learning and realworld practice, a vital component of the policy.

Recognizing the rapid evolution of the world, the School of Law also firmly advocates for legal education to evolve in parallel, maintaining its relevance and impact. The School is proud to house one of the most extensive and experienced faculties on the campus, truly committed to teaching both in and out of the classroom. This commitment significantly broadens the horizons of legal education, professional training, and para-legal guidance, meeting global benchmarks. Moreover, in the modern age the demand for leaders exhibiting intellectual curiosity, strong analytical abilities and unwavering ethical principles has intensified. Our faculty is unwaveringly dedicated to fostering and amplifying these fundamental qualities within our students. We aspire to carry forward and expand upon the legacy entrenched in us—a legacy marked by unyielding spirit for impartiality, learning and change.

I encourage you to explore and learn more about our programs and uncover avenues to connect with us.

Professor(Dr.) Mohammad Hussain