submission of examination forms


Students of BA.LL.B, LL.B and LL.M  of the School of Law, University of Kashmir are directed to send their submitted examination forms alongwith screenshots of 'fee paid' status from their profiles for online mode of fee payment to official email address of School of Law - Students who prefer offline mode of fee payment must send 'fee paid' receipts alongwith their submitted examination forms  to the official email address of School of Law. Examination forms without proof of fee payment shall be rejected. Students must write following text in the subject line  of their emails strictly  mentioned hereunder.


BALLB FIRST SEM                                                             BALLB1STSEMESTER

BALLB 3RD SEM                                                                BALLB3RDSEMESTER

BALLB 5TH SEM                                                                BALLB5THSEMESTER

BALLB 6TH SEM.                                                               BALLB6THSEMESTER

BALLB 9TH SEM                                                                BALLB9THSEMESTER

LLB 2ND SEM                                                                   LLB2NDSEMESTER

LLB 5TH SEM                                                                   LLB5THSEMESTER

LLM 2ND SEM                                                                  LLM2NDSEMESTER


Department of Law